Radia, City In My Memories (acrylic and aqua oil)

Jamboree (aqua oil)

Dinner at the Ritz (digital)

Left: Hurt (aqua oil), right: Bad Girl (aqua oil)

Left: April (aqua oil), right: May (aqua oil)

Left: Wish (Last Resort) (aqua oil), right: Jennifer (aqua oil)

Sainthood Is Not In Your Future (digital)

Thanks, I'll Eat It Here (aqua oil)

Southern Majonia (aqua oil)

Left: Silver Swing (aqua oil), right: Discipline (aqua oil)

A set of digital studies on album artwork; in clockwise order, The Ann Steel Album
(Roberto Cacciapaglia), Meet the Beatles/Meet the Residents, Solid State Survivor (YMO), Tadaima (Akiko Yano)

Reflect What I Am (aqua oil)

Ceris (aqua oil), right: Concrete Playground (aqua oil)

Entry for Famicase cartridge design (digital)

Stage Fright (aqua oil)

Right: Serenade (aqua oil)

Left: Summer Spectacle (aqua oil), right: Summer's Cauldron (aqua oil)

Left: Love Is In the Air (aqua oil)

2020 A New World (digital)

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