Commission Info

Current status of commissions: Open
(Slots filled: 0/5)


• Please make payments through PayPal in USD in a timely manner from your purchase.
Payments will be made via an invoice.
• I tend to simplify heavily detailed designs; please see my regular work for a taste of what I specialize in.
• I will not draw NSFW. Artistic nudity is OK.
• Your commission can be personally used for whatever you like and posted online if you wish.
However, please do not resell the design for use in merchandise, etc.

If you would like a commissison, please contact me via email or send a direct message on social media.
I am friendly and willing to communicate so that you can get the picture you want!

*Please be aware of the additional fees for shipping when it comes to traditional commissions.
Typical domestic insured shipping in the US is $10 but it will be higher for overseas purchases.
Also, I choose the canvas size for aqua oil paintings. I will tell you what sizes I have beforehand and make sure one is OK with you.
Watercolor commissions can be cut to size up to a certain size.
Aqua oil paintings take about 10 days to become fully dry in time for shipping! If you want to see it before shipping, I'll send you a photo.

I will negotiate the final price with you before starting work.

What your order should contain

Category of commission: One of the above - Lineless digital illustration, Traditional watercolor illustration, etc.
Subject of commission: What you want
Country of origin: The country you are from (only necessary for traditional commissions)
Paper size: Your preferred dimensions for the commission (This only applies to watercolor commissions)

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