"Flower House" is the name given to a communal home where many dolls gather and live.
Some may only be stopping by to visit; others have taken up permanent residence.
Here are all of the documented dolls which live at or regularly visit the Flower House.


Personality: Fanciful
Favorite food: Beignets
Hobby: Clothes, opera
Doll type: TnT PJ (1968)

Catherine is a very ladylike and elegant kind of doll. She is not prissy, however, and enjoys tidying and decorating at Flower House. She is well-traveled and loves sharing her worldly-wise knowledge with others. She currently wishes for a poodle.


Personality: Gentle
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Hobby: Salon work
Doll type: Growin' Pretty Hair Francie (1970)



Personality: Bold, sassy
Favorite food: Shish kebab
Hobby: Hiking
Doll type: Talking Barbie (1968)