It is important to note that this is a field of knowledge still being heavily researched.
Our radars sense that there are many more heavenly bodies contained within the Fluorescent Zone that we simply do not have a strong enough read on yet to identify and document, so please be patient. The same goes also for lands contained within each planet. We are communicating with many locals to find out more.
Also, for a chart of Zone 1, simply refer to any chart of the Milky Way such that you may find in a book.



Lilmon is a large and densely populated planet not too different from Zone 1's Earth. At its peak are the snowy hills of Caphyr, which stay cold year round. Crescent Valley is a beautiful sightseeing locale full of house-sized flowers and large, bird-like creatures called Phannas whom can carry upwards of several tons with their strong feet. The land is not separated by oceans though there are several large lakes across the surface of the planet, so there is no shortage of water. Orbiting Lilmon is a moon called Maline, where a nefarious group known as the RIFSP (Research Institute For Supernatural Potential) have allegedly established their base. Not much is known about them at this time.

The floating city of Radia cannot be scientifically classified as a planet by any means, but rather, an artificial structure launched into space. It's the work of a prestigious magic-using king who once governed it. Created as a sort of Pleasure Island, the whole city is like a great amusement park. Many beautiful memories were made here. Past tense, as it was mysteriously destroyed following a conflict with the king's daughter. However, it still may be accessed in memories, through layer traveling, for anyone who has a vivid enough memory of enjoying Radia. Its collapse is a relatively recent event in history still lamented by many.

Levia is one of the oldest surviving planets. The gaping hole in its center is the result of heavy destruction from a war that ravaged the planet. As a result, Levia is frequently sponsored for charity events and its population struggles to rebuild to this day. Levia's early history was quite rich and artistic however, and many museums have survived there as relics of happier days.

Cinila is the only planet in Zones 2 and 3 with its own sun, as the others simply rely on the Spectral Pyramid from Zone 2 to reflect Zone 1's sun. As a result, Cinila is inhospitably hot and bright. Special ice suits have been designed in more recent times to withstand the heat, but these suits are only good for a limited time. The reason anyone would want to visit Cinila is because of the incredible mineral reserves - there are unearthly beautiful, valuable gemstones and rocks formed on this planet.
The local species is a rodent-like creature that usually burrow themselves underground, rarely rising to the surface, to beat the heat.

Between the zones is what is known as Lost Space - the expanded galaxy forming the cushion between Zones 2 and 3.
This is due to the Remnant Wars that broke out centuries ago which caused their division when they were previously joined as the Hidden World, forcing a greater rift into existence.
Many aliens, satellites, and other lifeforms that existed out in space are displaced here, far away from the rest of civilization...

The Spectral Pyramid is not an inhabitable planet or moon but rather a device of sorts that disperses the rays of Zone 1's sun to the rest of the Fluorescent Zone. This is why (with the exception of Cinila) Zones 2 and 3 do not have their own sun, yet receive sufficient light and warmth. As its name implies, it is not visible to the naked eye, but still tangibly exists.

Rudul is a neutral planet of sorts, not getting involved in things. Points of interest include the peaceful town of Toppletown and culinary kingdom of Stewpot, where cooking competitions that gather the whole galaxy take place every year. Geographically, the weather is incredibly mild year round, making this a suitable planet for vacation.

The planet of Cosma holds darkness in its history, but is home now to a great rehabilitation colony for monsters called Yamsylvania. Monsters who previously lived vicious lifestyles are now put under regulation by the government to behave civilly. There are bustling cities too like Stargrove Metropolis where incredible opportunities exist, though crime remains an issue.
The planet is quite geographically diverse and generally of a cooler temperature. It also has two moons, Samia and the teardrop-shaped Tamyro. Supposedly, Cresha people originate from this moon.

Cottonwheel, as one can see, is a planet of nearly no hard edges. Soft, billowing fields dot the landscape and the local flora create heavenly, healing oxygen. Trees are also known to reach colossal heights. Humans crossed with animal genes are the most common race on this planet, as can be seen in Candypop Village where cat people live.

The illustrious planet of Eltrya is home to one of the most storied kingdoms in the galaxy, the magic-laden Majonia. This diverse kingdom is primarily populated by a race known as Manya, who'd best be described as some combination of Earth's rabbits, dogs, cats and seals all in one. Apart from Majonia there is also the kingdom of Odoken, which is home to a race of shadow people. Magic users are treated like celebrities across this planet.
Eltrya has two moons, the yellow Muro and the green Kayr. The atmosphere surrounding the planet also causes stars in the sky to take on a diamond-like appearance.

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