Many unique creatures roam the Fluorescent Zone. Here are some kinds which have
been documented thus far, to our present best understanding.

The Qulo (kyoo-low) are a common race to spot throughout the Fluorescent Zone, but that doesn't make them any less special or important. In Zones 2 & 3 they may be seen leading many kinds of lifestyles, from high-ranking nobility to common workers, and in Zone 1 they appear on all manner of popular toys, games and TV programs for children. Though they are typically a nonverbal species, they are easy to get along with and known for being adaptable and determined. Orange-tipped Qulos are the most common variety, but they have been spotted in a variety of colors.
Also, fossil records show that winged Qulos once existed. It is unknown why modern varieties are flightless.
Qulos are sexless and reproduce by laying eggs in nests after consuming enough nutrients.

Cresha (kree-sha) people can only be born on moons, but many will migrate to planets afterwards. Their births are a spectacular event to witness, involving the heating up of moondrops and starfall in a colorful burst. Indeed, the birth of a Cresha is an event people from far and wide will sometimes gather for.
Biologically, they are recognized for their blocky appendages and crescent-shaped heads, not to mention claws suitable for deep digging. Their diet primarily consists of rocks, eating anything softer will cause their teeth to dull.
Native Creshan society is typically casteless, with no set leader governing them. Tamyro, one of Cosma's moons, is estimated to be their point of origin.

The Odol (oh-dole) - coloquially referred to as "the hooded kind" - are the second most prominent species on Eltrya after Manyas, living primarily in a southern kingdom called Odoken. They are a shy and retiring kind of people, but wonderful storytellers if you can get them to open up. Not much is understood about their biology because they hate being touched, but all of them sport horns and lizard-like tails.
During the crisis on planet Levia, many Odols banded together in prayer and goodwill towards Levia's people and contributed a great deal to its relief.
They dwell in very small living quarters.

Glyphs were regarded by earlier Hidden World civilizations to be some sort of angels. Many thought they had no language or culture of their own because they kept it to themselves and were only seen by others briefly in the sky depending on atmospheric conditions. They are easily spotted on the rare chance they are seen for their iridescent wings and ghostlike translucence. If a Glyph approaches you, you are said to have good luck for the rest of your days.
They are still under heavy research.

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