Would you defy reality as we know it in search of what you lost?

Pamela certainly got more than she bargained for the night she saved Yona—the most rambunctious,
willful little creature she's ever crossed paths with. Living in a world of magic, Yona loves anything
and everything to do with magicians, but little do others know she possesses a magic of her own:
the ability to travel all of time and space at will.

CHAPTER I. ~ Which is about how an old lady saves a lost child

CHAPTER II. ~ Which is about Yona being brought in to the orphanage, and subsequently causing a headache for everyone

CHAPTER III. ~ Which is about the great Wizard Glick, and a trip to the beach

CHAPTER IV. ~ Which is about Yona’s trial and commencement

CHAPTER V. ~ Which is about Yona’s enrollment at school, and the two new friends she makes

CHAPTER VI. ~ Which is about one of the most wondrous nights of Yona’s life

CHAPTER VII. ~ Which is about unexpected things and how they feel

CHAPTER VIII. ~ Which is about how the passage of time does not diminish passion, and an old friend

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