Residence: Stonehenge (natively); LA, California (presently)
Occupation: Queen of Dinosaurs, 7th grader
Species: Human
Favorite food: Pop rocks

Hillary is a human girl living in Stonehenge in prehistoric times. She is hailed as Queen of the Dinosaurs, as she protects and leads them. However, while exploring one day she is caught in a time slip. When asked to return to Stonehenge, she is instead transported to the concert halls of 1970s progressive rock group Stonehenge, wherein she becomes enamored with them (particularly their bassist Andy) and now must adapt to 20th century life.
She has a rather brutish nature and tends to end up in fights, usually finishing them for the sake of other kids. Her strength intimidates many, including Andy.

Residence: LA, California
Occupation: Bassist
Species: Human
Favorite food: Steak medium rare

The laid-back basisst (and occasional vocalist) for a progressive rock group known as Stonehenge. Andy is quite scrawny and Hillary gets a kick out of the fact that she is much stronger than him. He is a reserved but unconventionally creative person and quite good at solving puzzles.
However, he can have any number of strange and terrible reactions to girls getting near him, from shrinking to going invisible, so he must avoid Hillary like the plague. This is complicated when he learns she has transferred to his school...

Residence: Anywhere & everywhere
Occupation: Demon of love
Species: Imp
Favorite food: N/A

Sugar is an imp invisible to humans who thrives on possessing mortals so she can use them to experience love, leading whoever she possesses to do impulsive and uncharacteristic things. Her type is a wealthy older man and as such, she likes possessing any person involved with one.
It seems she might be a rather lonely type deep down.

Residence: Near the Alps
Occupation: Huntress
Species: Human
Favorite food: Tomatoes

Nikita is a hunter who lives alone in the woods. However, she loves animals and it's other hunters she kills instead. She entices them to discuss their shared hobby in her cabin before adding them to her trophy collection.
As can be expected, she is a staunch vegetarian and especially loves tomatoes for the juicy pop they make when you sink your teeth into them. ...In spite of her violent nature, animals seem to trust her and obey her commands. They are her only friends, after all.

Residence: Some small midwestern town
Occupation: All
Species: Human
Favorite food: Mashed potatoes

(Pronounced "flow") Fluo is a kid with big dreams - they aspire to someday be an artist, a scientist, a chef, and an excavator of rare artifacts. In the meantime, though, they are content with having pronounced zone-hopping abilities. They can be sighted all across the Fluorescent Zone and have become quite adept at learning local customs and languages.

Residence: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: College student
Species: Human
Favorite food: Hamburg steak

Valerie is a highly reserved student at an all-girls academy whom is awakened one day with psychic powers by a distant entity known as LAN, which appears when needed in the form of a third eye on her forehead. These powers transcend just mental powers but also grant her unearthly strength; she needs them in order to battle a series of impacts affecting the earth in the form of cocoons of alien creatures called "The Fester".
When she isn't stoically combatting alien threats, Valerie is very modest and not noticed by many in her daily life. She is part of a chess club at her school, enjoys sports like badminton, and hates seeing injustice.

Residence: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: College student
Species: Human
Favorite food: Macaroons

Carol is Valerie's very best - and only - friend, supporting her fervently despite what polar opposites they are, at least on the outside. Her parents own a flower shop that she helps out at. She is the kind to keep up with haute couture and host tea parties, which she often invites Valerie to, sometimes to discuss the supernatural occurrences affecting her.
Carol is very bright and cheerful and highly involved in the affairs of others, finding gossip hard to resist.

Residence: Heaven
Occupation: Heavenly ambassador
Species: Angel
Favorite food: N/A

Lattice has been appointed by the higher-ups of Heaven to teach the rowdy devil Macky to behave, as he has been transported to Heaven for higher education. They're easily prone to frustration in the face of Macky's constant provocations, but enjoy nothing more than a task well done, so they're up for the challenge!

Residence: Hell
Occupation: Miscreant
Species: Devil
Favorite food: Hot chips

Macky's wound up in his least favorite place - Heaven itself, in an attempt to straighten him out. He'll never be good, no, he is a devil after all, but the angels hope that under Lattice's patient guidance, he'll shape up to be less bad... Is it possible? Maybe, if he can stop setting fire to everything he sees.

Residence: Liligonne
Occupation: N/A
Species: Living flower
Favorite food: N/A

The very spirit of a daisy, Sapphire has found herself far from her birthplace, the island of Liligonne, in a small seaside town during the 1960s. It's here that she meets Basil, a delivery boy, and Pepper, a troubled fisherman who lives by the coast. She has a slightly spicy temper, but is good at looking on the bright side. Still, her lost colony is a source of melancholy and she hopes that her strange, huge friends can help.

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