Residence: ??? (last seen in Toppletown)
Occupation: Shapeshifter, ???
Favorite food: Any rich dessert, tea

Pip is something of an enigma. Historical records point to him having a storied history across the Fluorescent Zone as he is one of only two individuals known to have complete access to all space and time. Whatever it is he's done, he has seemed content these past few centuries to spend his days in pursuit of French poetry.
He is a master of shapeshifting, but it is unknown what he uses this ability for.


Residence: West Majonia (Eltrya planet)
Occupation: Traveler
Favorite food: Earth meat, cotton candy

From the time Yona was a child, she loved seeing celebrity magicians on TV. The sudden disappearance of her very favorite, Wizard Glick, has motivated her now to find him, or more specifically, the strange wind-up dolls he created - and scattered - as his parting gift to the world.
Yona was raised in an orphanage that is really more like a coven. She has always been highly mischievous and just a little too bold with her pranks, to the chagrin of her mother figure Pamela. She can change colors like a chameleon.
Somehow, she is one of only two individuals granted complete access to all of time and space. It's a good thing too because she has a lot of traveling to do!


Residence: West Majonia (Eltrya planet)
Occupation: Orphanage matron
Favorite food: Noodle soup

Pamela (or Miss Pamela as she is addressed) is the head of the Hearts and Diamonds Orphanage in Meicoe Harbor, Majonia. She and Lonissa do their best to keep it a happy and educational environment for the young Manya that live there. The two of them are also rather prolific magic users, but try not to draw attention to this fact, despite how much it excites the children.
She tends to be very no-nonsense and takes things very literally, in complete contrast to Yona, one of the orphans who lives there. In spite of it all, the two have an incredible mother and child bond.


Residence: East Majonia (Eltrya planet)
Occupation: Merchant
Favorite food: Hot dog

Yona's old school friend, who hails from eastern Majona. He comes from a wealthy and prestigious family and grew to hate the luxurious life, so he now makes money on his own terms by peddling cheaply handmade goods, usually to little interest.
Kind of a pushover, and hates being scolded. He also has a long-standing infatuation with Pamela.


Residence: East Majonia (Eltrya planet)
Occupation: Ambassador
Favorite food: Lollen (a type of gelatin dessert)

Mira is the beautiful if icy mother of Rory, and along with her husband, is an ambassador representing the kingdom of Majonia to other planets and Zones. They have a gorgeous home near an oasis in eastern Majonia, though her son tires of this lifestyle and wants to live a more ordinary life like his classmate Yona, which frustrates her to no end.
She is rather vain and high-tempered, but also freely shares her wealth with anyone she comes across if they charm her enough.

Tura & Lugo

Residence: Yamsylvania (Cosma planet)
Occupation: Thieves
Favorite food: Boba (Tura), Pizza (Lugo)

Tura and Lugo are an infamous duo who share a castle in Yamsylvania, a rehabilitation county for monsters. They spend all their time trying to obtain objects they deem "beautiful", through legal means or otherwise. Usually otherwise. They also like to host parties but few other monsters in town tolerate them enough to come.
Lugo is very jovial and naive. He's had his bloodwork done, so he quite likes the sun, although he has to wear sunglasses when he goes out. He loves to travel on a scooter.
Tura is more mature and sensible, as well as more likely to notice when they're being duped. She especially loves to hoard clothes and jewelry. Both of them play tennis with each other on Sundays.


Residence: Stargrove Metropolis (Cosma planet)
Occupation: Student, superhero
Favorite food: Teriyaki, apple juice

Kiki was apprehensive about moving to the big city for her father's job, as she clutched her lone prized possession - an old stuffed donkey. However, after catching a shooting star one fateful night, her wish to be able to protect her father from danger was granted - her stuffed donkey now grants her the magical form of a seemingly niche superhero, Flying Donkey!
This new form grants Kiki impossibly powerful legs that let her leap the length of skyscrapers in a single bound and break just about anybody's shins! Kiki soon becomes wrapped up in inner city crime as she works to thwart villainy from within the heart of Stargrove Metropolis.


Residence: Toppletown (Rudul planet)
Occupation: Princess (?)
Favorite food: Cake

Margaret is in her 20s, but mentally regressed to early childhood. From the time she was seven her parents entrusted her with running several small businesses (including a briefly successful frozen yogurt chain) but her misuse of money ran these all to the ground.
However, she has found some level of success playing pretend princess. She recruits the lands' abundant Qulos to help her with the promise of free cake.
Mostly, she just wants someone to play with.


Residence: Stewpot (Rudul planet)
Occupation: Chef in training
Favorite food: Macarons

Charlotte is the youngest in a long line of culinary experts in the kingdom of Stewpot. She has a somewhat feisty personality despite her gentle demeanor. Sometimes others have to step in to tell her when to quit, otherwise she just won't give up. Her specialty is dessert.
She is very close to her older brother.


Residence: Candypop Village (Cottonwheel planet)
Occupation: Explorer
Favorite food: Fish and chips

May is the older sister of April, both of whom were abandoned as kittens. The two of them live a vagabond lifestyle and never stay in the same place for long. May is the more serious and proper of the two, and is usually pulling April out of trouble. She is very interested in the affairs of others and always tries to help out.


Residence: Candypop Village (Cottonwheel planet)
Occupation: Explorer
Favorite food: Salmon

April is the younger sister of May. She has an incredibly carefree personality to the point of being completely unable to recognize danger or tricks, to her sister's dismay. Talented yet clumsy. She is also much stronger than she looks, which is a source of its own problems...

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