Residence: Stonehenge (natively); LA, California (presently)
Occupation: Queen of Dinosaurs, 7th grader
Favorite food: Pop rocks

Hillary is a human girl living in Stonehenge in prehistoric times. She is hailed as Queen of the Dinosaurs, as she protects and leads them. However, while exploring one day she is caught in a time slip. When asked to return to Stonehenge, she is instead transported to the concert halls of 1970s progressive rock group Stonehenge, wherein she becomes enamored with them (particularly their bassist Andy) and now must adapt to 20th century life.
She has a rather brutish nature and tends to end up in fights, usually finishing them for the sake of other kids. Her strength intimidates many, including Andy.


Residence: LA, California
Occupation: Bassist
Favorite food: Steak medium rare

The laid-back basisst (and occasional vocalist) for a progressive rock group known as Stonehenge. Andy is quite scrawny and Hillary gets a kick out of the fact that she is much stronger than him. He is a reserved but unconventionally creative person and quite good at solving puzzles.
However, he can have any number of strange and terrible reactions to girls getting near him, from shrinking to going invisible, so he must avoid Hillary like the plague. This is complicated when he learns she has transferred to his school...

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