Residence: Caphyr (Lilmon planet)
Occupation: Priest
Species: Butterfly person
Favorite food: Créme brulée

Hal was once the friendly and passionate priest of Caphyr's lone church on the hill. However, he unwittingly developed pyrokinetic powers one day that have ruined his life.
This event has singlehandedly changed his personality to cold and reserved, and most fear him too much to attend service now. This depressive nature causes him to push others away and refuse help.
He enjoys baking as a side hobby.


Residence: Caphyr (Lilmon planet)
Occupation: Nun
Species: Rabbit person
Favorite food: Chili with cornbread

Beatrix was found mysteriously one day at the doorstep of Caphyr's church. She in an unknown and speaks few words to match.
Her narcolepsy causes her to nap at inopportune moments. Between this and her raucous insistence on bringing secular things into the church to the dismay of the other nuns, she has become something of a spectacle in Caphyr.
She believes very strongly in Hal and seems to see in him what others no longer can.


Residence: Caphyr (Lilmon planet)
Occupation: Nun
Species: Panda person
Favorite food: Canned peaches

Lyla is highly reserved and rather melancholic. Timid and stoic would best describe her disposition.
This makes her one of Beatrix's favorite targets for mischief, but Lyla's reactions are minimal. She seems to be hiding a great burden from her past.
However, her singing voice is beautiful.


Residence: Caphyr (Lilmon planet)
Occupation: Nun
Species: Frog person
Favorite food: Tuna sandwich

Denise is the Mother Superior of the church and frequently organizes field trips and such for the sisters to go on, for educational purposes mostly such as serving at hospitals, soup kitchens etc.
Wise and maternal. She is generally quite warm and motherly but has a strict side which can be activated if people are misbehaving enough. She even keeps Hal in line at times, though mostly, she worries for him (and the others).
She is devoted to her Bible studies and tries to spread the good news to others to give them hope.


Residence: Caphyr (Lilmon planet)
Occupation: Nun
Species: Ant person
Favorite food: Strawberry pie

Alice is a child, and rather precocious. She is often expected to get along with Beatrix due to their similar size despite their age difference, which doesn't usually work out.
Alice admires Bea’s escapades, however, and often wishes she was daring enough to cause the ruckus that Beatrix does on a daily basis. She is curious about many things but doesn’t have many of her questions answered.
She finds Hal’s predicament humorous.

Comet & Twinkle

Residence: Lost Space
Occupation: Patrol ranger
Species: Luminoid (Comet), Artificial (Twinkle)
Favorite food: Fruit juice

Comet once had a high-ranking position in the Twilight Guard, an elite group of galaxy defenders, but committed a dramatic mistake that led to the destruction of many valuable ships.
She now partrols solo with her trusty bot Twinkle in search of trouble. Sometimes she even orbits Earth's Milky Way because she loves its animals, especially rabbits.
Her gleeful personality in any scenario is almost a little alarming.

Savvy Chic & Mink

Residence: Lost Space
Occupation: Twilight Guard general
Species: Luminoid (Savvy), Artificial (Mink)
Favorite food: Soda

Savvy and Comet used to be in the Twilight Guard together; however, Comet's careless mistake led to her being cast out, meanwhile Savvy has climbed the ranks, and she never hesitates to flaunt this fact.
The two are rivals of sorts now but Savvy cares far more about this than Comet.
Her main job as general is to retire dying stars that are no longer capable of supernova. It's a sad job.


Residence: ???
Occupation: Psychic
Species: Luminoid
Favorite food: ???

Be careful...
Likes tea parties.


Residence: Dayglo Town
Occupation: Shapeshifter
Species: Hybrid human
Favorite food: Spaghetti

Trip is a fairly normal resident of Dayglo Town. They like to play checkers with their friend Dyna and go to the movies.
However, one day they are whisked away by the Research Institute For Supernatural Potential and are discovered to have latent shapeshifting abilities.
Who knows how such a discovery will impact their life?

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